Exotic Foods Around The Globe That Redefine Your Taste

Nothing beats discovering an unusual exotic dish that stimulates your appetite and brings a rich new flavor to your table. Any travelling enthusiast with a craving for an innovative new dish of food needs to have a clear idea about the top exotic foods around the world in order to take full advantage of a vacation. With almost every country in the world boasting a comprehensive variety of unique dishes, there is every chance that your holiday around the globe will help you eat your way through an assortment of the world’s weirdest and most exotic food.

While many people may opt for a rather simpler dish, there is something satisfying about devouring poisonous specie that has been deep-fried to perfection. The Zebra Tarantula is a delicacy prepared in Cambodia that provides diners a time of their lives. And for the insect lovers, the East Asians provide an exotic Wasp Crackers dish that features a number of wasps mixed in batter and cooked to excellence. Many people are fond of frying the hearts of animals and consuming it with other side dishes. However, the live cobra heart prepared in Vietnam is not a common delicacy. The heart is washed with the snake’s blood and offered to the diners raw and uncooked. While the thought of these rare foods may be disturbing, the exceptional cooking skills of the chefs make each dish so scrumptious and appealing that you will be left yearning for more.Zebra_Tarantula

Fruit lovers may have tasted numerous unique exotic foods around the world. Most, however, are unaware of the Durian’s bizarre qualities. The Durian, a delicious looking fruit, is an incredibly popular thing to eat among the Chinese. Once you have gotten over the foul odor of it, it is a pleasure to eat the fruit raw or add it to numerous other dishes. The Bear Claw is another dish that has fashioned a lot of buzz around the global food market in the recent past. Although it costs a fortune, the dish is bound to give you the thrill of a lifetime. Hearts, liver, and lungs are very common in exotic foods. This is why the Haggis, an immensely popular food item from Scotland, is a must-try dish for food aficionados. The aromatic pudding comprises of a sheep’s heart, lungs and liver mixed with a variety of spices that gives the dish an extraordinarily distinctive taste. However, if the organs of a sheep do not offer you the exotic feeling that you seek, there are always dishes of monkey brains that can be eaten raw or spiced up in many ways to offer a unique kind of adventure for food devotees.

Trying the top exotic foods around the world is an adventure in itself. Not only will the exceptional new tastes arouse your palate, they will provide you an opportunity to learn cooking in a way that you never deemed possible. Most people who shy away from this wonderful experience are certainly deprived of some of the strangest and most exotic foods that exist in this world.

Read more about the exotic Haggis dish: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haggis

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