Homegrown Goodness: A Taste of Filipino Cuisine

If you are travelling in this tropical country, you might be destined to some of the more renowned travel destination, but what is the point of an adventure without a little spontaneity on the side? If you want to taste the homegrown goodness of the country, you must go to the places that serve the finest meals in town. Following is a list of places you could go to sample a taste of Filipino Cuisine. This list is not exhaustive and you could find other places that could better suit your taste and comfort, but for the sake of suggestion, you could try the following.

Aristocrats Restaurant

Do not be fooled by the name of this restaurant, it actually has humble beginnings and was named likewise by the founder in order to illustrate a point to his grandson. The menu consists of grilled meats prepared through the traditional way in preserving their recipe since 1936. The price range is far from aristocratic with meals good for 3-4 persons ranging from 12-16 USD. Talk about a misnomer.

Painitang Bol-anon

Serving only the most authentic regional cuisines of the Visayas region, Painitang Bol-anon is the real deal when it comes to authenticity. Age old recipes not tainted by any other cultural influence are being served here – hot, fresh and homegrown. The owner claims that in order to serve only the best, they only buy the food they need to operate on a daily basis. To top it all, they never buy outside their province (Bohol Islands), to show that they support their own farmers. They serve fish prepared the traditional way, Filipino style hot chocolate, coffee brewed from corn kernels and their specialty of “Tapang Usa” or Venison Jerky.


Giving you a taste of the boldness that is characterized of the northern Philippine cuisine. Cabalen boasts of its “eat all you can, eat all you want”. It’s perfect after a long day in the hot tropical sun. Cabalen has been in the business for 28 years, and they have perfected the modernization of centuries-old recipes to bring the taste with a modern twist.

Kamayan Buffet

“In Rome, do as Romans do”. Try eating authentic Filipino Cuisine the authentic way by using your hands. Filipinos had been eating with bare hands as a sign of good will towards the one who prepared the food. It means that the food was prepared to their taste and they honor it by eating with bare hands. Kamayan Buffet promises that they do their dishes the way you will like enough so to make you eat with your bare hands. A cross-cultural experience in dining complimented by locally prepared dishes, a true way to enjoy your stay in the Philippines.

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