Planning on a tour to Sydney? Here are a few pointers

sydney-australiaSydney is the largest city in Australia which is probably why it is a hot spot for tourists. Aside from that, Sydney boasts of dazzling harbour side location, famous beaches, outstanding restaurants, cafes, pubs diverse cultural communities, good weather and a bunch more that you can discover during your tour there.

There are dozens of stuff you can do in this place including but not limited to:-

· Free walking tours.

· Enjoy the locals’s foods at Sydney restaurants.

· Bondi to Coogee coastal walk.

· Visit the famous Opera house ad Harbour Bridge.

· Enjoy the serenity of the royal botanic gardens.

· Surf at the Bondi Beach.

· Make your way to the well known Sydney harbour bridge.

· Have fun on a tall cruise ship on the harbour.

· Join in various events and festivals

· Don’t forget shopping.

Where to eat in Sydney

At some point during your adventure, you will need to stop somewhere for a bite and Sydney stocks a wide range of restaurants. Whether you are looking for affordable or classy places to eat, you can always try online tour guides like Tripadvisor where you can read reviews of various popular Sydney restaurants. Some of them include Chinatown,Café Sydney, Ms G’s Restaurants, Australian Heritage Hotel, Bondi Iceburgs Bistro e.t.c.

Where to go for a cup of beer

For beer lovers, there are lots of places you can go and enjoy a cold beer during a hot day in Sydney. At the Observer Hotel, there is always live music for you to enjoy as you sip down a cold Guiness. Harts pub on the other hand is a good place to go if you are craving for some handmade crafted beer. Lord Dudley’s is an English style pub that is also a good choice for a beer.

For coffee lovers

Single Origin opens from Monday to Friday located on 60-64 Reservoirs street. Others include Campos Newton and Mecca Empresso. As earlier said, these are just suggestions to give you a head start. You have all the time to discover and explore new joints.

To make your way to these beautiful places, you can either walk; take a bus or a train. Sydney has the most favourable weather conditions all year round. There is no time you will visit and it gets too hot or too cold. However, the most favourable time to go there would be during summer seasons. Sydney is no doubt one of the best places to go for a family or solo vacation.

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