The Best Dining Spots in Stunning Sydney

There are many food establishments sprouting around the streets of Sydney. Whether it is fine dining, eating al fresco, or international – name it and the city definitely has it. The top Sydney restaurants headed by esteemed chefs and successful restaurateurs will surely delight both the locals’ and the tourists’ palates with a variety of appetizing dishes and meals.

Interior of the restaurantWith a big number of cafes, food stops, and bars present in this metropolis, it can be puzzling as to which restaurant one should visit first. To make sure one doesn’t miss out on good food, he/she should search for or create a Sydney restaurants guideThis way, he/she can narrow down his/her choices. Plus, they’ll have an idea of the establishments’ best-selling and recommended dishes.

With Sydney restaurants review, finding the top-pick restaurants becomes an easier task. Here are some great choices.

  1. Quay

Want to experience excellent cooking with a spectacular view of the harbor? This multi-awarded restaurant located in the Sydney Opera House takes fine-dining to a higher level. Australian gourmet chefs are behind the menu that brought the restaurant land in 58th place in the World’s Best Restaurants List.

  1. Est

Another well-praised and frequented establishment is Est. It became a crowd favorite simply because of its warm ambiance, top-notch service, and perfectly cooked and prepared food. Guests also come here for their great selection of wine. Make sure to ask the waiters or the serves for the entrées that go hand in hand with a specific bottle of wine.

  1. Medusa Greek Taverna Restaurant

Many Sydney restaurants cater to international tastes and preferences. This is why it’s not surprising that Greek and Mediterranean cuisine trumps the likings of many. The reason why it’s usually jam-packed in the place is because of its big servings and fresh ingredients. A good dining experience is not only limited to mouth-watering dishes; it should also be value for money. Of course, service should not be overlooked as well.

  1. PJ O Brien’s

Who says a pub can’t be one of the top Sydney  restaurants?Nowadays, there is a continuous traffic of customers entering this food joint because it serves the traditional Irish food favorites and liquor. It also has a welcoming atmosphere and an authentic pub vibe with the presence of live Celtic music. Their buffalo wings is said to be the house’s specialty.

Though these are just four names of must-try restaurants, it already shows how Sydney is abundant of various food establishments. Start scratching off the restaurant bucket list and begin celebrating food of great flavor from the top Sydney restaurants.

Other than the best tourist spots that tourists and travelers alike are yearning for when in Australia, they also scout for the best and finest dining spots.

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