Do You Really Need to See a Psychologist?

There are a lot of people who feel stressed, sad, or depressed, but refuse to talk about it even to their loved ones. Some think that what they feel is something that’s best left dealt on their own, but little do they know that getting the services of a schema therapist in Sydney may be able to help them overcome whatever that they are going through.

What exactly is schema therapy

Schema therapy is an approach that combines the best practices of experiential, cognitive behavioral, psychoanalytic, and interpersonal therapies. This was developed by Dr. Jeff Young after observation that there were some patients who didn’t get desired results using the standard approach. A schema therapist in Sydney works with patients to help address self-defeating patterns, which could have started as early as their younger years.

There are three stages to using this type of therapy. First is the identification of the problem, which could be spotted with use of questionnaires. The second is the patient’s ability to identify the said problems as they happen in their daily activities. And last is replacing the self-defeating patterns with healthy behaviors and thoughts.

Who are in need of it?

A lot of people can actually benefit from the services of a schema therapist in Sydney. These are helpful for people who need help controlling their emotions as a result of abandonment. People who need help in the area of mindfulness can also benefit from it. Do you have trouble trusting other people? A schema therapist can help you overcome your preconception that others will eventually end up hurting, abusing, taking advantage, or cheating you. If you feel inferior to others, it’s also a sign that you need this kind of treatment. Symptoms would include being overly sensitive to criticism, blame, and rejection. Similarly, you will need this treatment if you have been isolated from the world where you no longer have social connections, do not belong to any group, or if you feel like you are different from other people. This is also recommended for people are in need of help for depression.

Why see a psychologist

You should never discount symptoms of negative feelings. If you can’t deal with it on your own, a psychologist could help. What you feel will affect your relationships, how you deal with normal day-to-day activities, your work, and even your health. Getting help the soonest time possible will ensure that you get these out of the way, which could prevent these from growing into an even bigger problem.

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