Experience the New Coffee Body Scrub

It is our responsibility to take care of our skin. Nowadays, there are various beauty regimens you can do at home or in a spa that will invigorate your skin such as face scrub. A scrub is to exfoliate the dead skin on your face or other part of your body. Through exfoliating, you get to have younger looking smooth skin. Some scrubs also include moisturizes that nourishes our skin.

coffee_scrub2The difference between a facial scrub and a facial wash is that there is mild abrasive material used in scrubs. When this substance is rubbed against you skin, you will experience subtle abrasion. You must note that when scrubbing your face or any part of your body, a gentle massaging motion should be used.

There are different substances that can be used as a face scrub such as sugar, oatmeal, fruit pulp, bamboo fibers and a lot more. As much as possible, stick to mild exfoliant and steer away from harsh exfoliant such as sand, salt or ground pumice. A harsh substance is not advisable because it can wound your skin instead of exfoliating it. Most of the time the exfoliant is mixed with oil, cream or moisturizers.

A relatively new type of body scrub is becoming popular nowadays. Instead of the usual sugar, people are using ground coffee as the exfoliant of the scrub. Aside from a good way of recycling your used coffee grounds, it also has a lot of benefits. More than exfoliation your skin, a coffee scrub also has anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of caffeine in a coffee scrub is what sets it apart from other kinds of exfoliants.

Yes, it’s safe to use as a coffee face scrub. According to studies, caffeine aids in skin tightening which results reduce cellulites and eye puffiness. You will also have an overall improved circulation and smoother skin. Caffeine also contains antioxidants that reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sun spots. Plus, the scent of coffee is soothing. A coffee scrub also does not contain any harsh chemicals.

But an important factor when using ground coffee as your face scrub is the amount of coffee to be used. Although you can do it at home, you can also try going to a spa where a coffee scrub is being offered. Besides, getting a scrub in a spa or a beauty clinic is a lot more relaxing than doing it yourself. It is not advised to do daily scrub, as it will be harmful to your skin.

Coffee grounds as being used as a body scrub is now a hype. We suggest trying the products of http://sweetheartbody.com.au/.

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