Skin Treatments in Australia – Here are Some that are Worth of the Money

Australian women like their other counterparts are beauty conscious and are willing to spend money on the latest craze for beauty treatments. There are many popular skin treatments in Australia and here are the professional skin care and treatments that are worth of the money.

Cortisone shot

It is said, if you want faster result to shrinking zits or that stubborn pimple, get cortisone shot.  The shot is then followed by with Intense Pulsed Light, which makes this combined or combo skin treatments result to less swelling and redness. The slightest side effect also disappears within 24 hours. For cystic pimples, the cortisone shot is topped with a concentrated dose of TCA or dehydrating trichloracetic acid. The lumps are flattened in less time and with reduced scabbing that lasts for 2 or 3 days.

Anti-ageing IV treatments

Vita-infused facial is for reducing fatigue and its ill effects on the skin especially on the face area. The patient sits in a skin treatments clinic for aesthetics IV infusion with vitamin C and B, calcium gluconate and magnesium chloride. The effect is similar to having vasodilation where skin is rejuvenated and with nice and fresh glow. For a more glow effects and that lasts within 24 hours, amino acids are added. The effects of amino acids is increase the blood flow to the skin thus giving off  skin rejuvenation effects and works as anti-ageing or aesthetic treatments for damaged skin and wrinkles.

Faster laser treatments

Laser treatments are popular skin care and treatment procedures including tattoo removal. Most laser treatments for skin uses lasers with different wavelengths. The wavelengths remove redness and brown spots and for stimulating collagen. These laser treatments are to clear skin of blemishes and to reduce fine lines and large pores. The result is immediate glow and flawless skin. In tattoo removal, the laser is targeting the ink and breaks it into dust particles, and eliminates the ugly pigmentation on the skin. The laser machines are faster, and treatment lasts only for a few sessions and applications.  Laser is now used in teeth whitening as well, and the laser is applied to activate the bleaching chemicals on the teeth. A rubber dam is put on to protect the gum. The effectiveness is varied and price depends on the dentist and discoloration of the teeth.

Popular skin care and treatments come and go but those that enjoy longer patronage are treatments and procedures with best and lasting results. For better results and well-spent money, it is best to consult professional practitioners and skin care and treatment clinics in Australia.

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