Zumba – Busy Girls’ Workout to Lose Weight

Zumba is trending as popular workout or exercise. It incorporates dance and aerobics element, and offered as a fitness program in some weight loss holidays and fitness packages. Others do it with Zumba videos developed by exercise and aerobics gurus. It is tagged as a perfect workout for busy bodies with lose weight goals. Here’s why.

Can burn more fat and calories

health_retreat2Busy women who have less time for some weight loss holidays can enjoy fat and calorie burning with a short Zumba dancing. A short Zumba class can burn up to 400 to 600 calories. Thus, a zumba instructor usually incorporates dance steps with slow set of push-ups on the wall or with several squats or polymetric jumps resulting to more calories burnt than any fast social dancing like salsa or disco.

It is fun

Busy girls who don’t want to complicate things with demanding workouts in some weight loss holidays, and taking  much of their time away from their laptops and work tables and so much of their energy will find Zumba a fun workout alternative.  It is because Zumba is more like of dancing and performing, so one feels happy when engaged to some Zumba dancing sessions.

Full body workout

Busy women in Victoria may find no time to enroll in a weight loss retreat in Victoria and a Zumba weekly dance session will allow them to enjoy full body workout that engages the whole body from head down to feet. Zumba dance steps with head and shoulder rolls help loosen up the neck. It is also in Zumba that the hips and the abs receive more attention as well as the thighs and the butt. For flexibility, Zumba dancing has it with warm-ups and cool downs. Zumba steps also has stretching that firms up the upper body.

It’s easy to follow on one’s pace

With a busy schedule and status, it is crucial for the busy women’s work out to be tailored to their own pace and interest. On her own pace, a busy woman can enjoy a beginner’s Zumba class with scaled small dances and enjoy it, have fun and lose weight on her own pace.

Can be done at home

Busy women in Victoria can kick start their weight loss program with zumba videos and enjoy Zumba at home. Since Zumba videos are developed by licensed Zumba instructors who oftentimes are instructors and trainers too in some health retreats in Victoria, busy women can definitely enjoy zumba at the comfort of their homes.

With Zumba, there’s no way for a busy woman to say no to losing weight.

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