Two Promising Heart Disease Medications and Interventions for Heart Patients

Heart attack is still Australia’s leading cause of deaths despite the growing awareness to fitness and wellness. Due to the increasing numbers of deaths among Australians, Australia’s heart doctors are on the watch out for the latest heart disease medications and interventions that will help save many lives and eventually decrease heart diseases death toll. Electrophysiology study is now commonly performed for detecting abnormalities in heartbeats or arrhythmia, and here’s what patients need to know about the emerging heart disease medications and interventions

Stem cell

While arterial blockages medications and interventions have been limited, the new stem cell is showing great potential and providing better hope for patients and medical teams as well. Stem cell process involves introduction of blood vessel lining cell that is derived from induced pluripotent stem cell or ISPCS. These ISPCS are adult skin cell that has been reprogrammed to become other type cell and not of an embryonic stem of unborn babies. The process is being taunted as something amazing because it targets against arterial blockages or atherosclerosis. It also tackles consequences of blocked arteries leading to the heart. The process is deemed to reduce heart attack and peripheral stroke. Researchers on electrophysiology study are studying the possibility of stem cell process in addressing abnormalities in heartbeats and on how it could increase blood flow to the vessels entering the heart. Stem cell could be the power in eliminating cardiac ablation or surgery. An Electrophysiologist in Sydney having better understanding on stem cell will agree it is a great intervention in ending deaths from heart diseases. The prospect is very high in helping heart patients live longer.

Stent coating

Cardiac electrophysiology is a procedure performed to determine whether patients may need medicine or pacemaker or cardiac ablation or surgery. Hence, heart doctors are seeing great hope in stent coating in saving lives from heart attack. Coronary blockage is a heart disease that has claimed many Australian lives and stent coating is giving hope for patients with blocked heart arteries. Sydney cardiologist with training on stent coating performs small scaffold stents to prop or open up the artery using a revolutionized procedure of biomimicry. The technology allows the body to react to an inserted foreign stent more compatibly. Doctors performing Electrophysiology study see hopes the more body- compatible stent coating would reduce the fixing period of the stent after the procedure. The new approach to stent coating also has high possibility of reducing blood clotting risks and the healing waiting period.

Heart researchers are boldly declaring these current heart medications and intervention as lifesavers. Talk to your heart doctor on which could be applicable to your heart conditions to enjoy life longer.

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