Your Vacuum Sealer is Perfect if it has the Following Qualities

When food vacuuming became a popular method of preserving and storing food, many households simply can’t imagine their pantry being without a vacuum sealer. The biggest reason for using vacuum sealers is extending the freezer life of food items. Those who don’t own any of the best vacuum sealers in the market are now buying in bulk of food vacuum sealers at supermarkets. Hence, if you are thinking of buying or replacing your old vacuum sealer, you will surely love your new purchase if it has the following qualities.

vacuum sealer for dry foodsBag attachment

Most home-use vacuum sealers are sold as the best vacuum sealers in the market. Popular brands beat one another by telling everyone theirs are easy to use with one touch operation. However, it’s not always true. Since food vacuuming involves sealing food inside a bag or container, it is best to buy one with bag attachment that can fit wide variations and sizes of bags and rolls. A unit that fits 8-inch, 11-inch, quart and a gallon heat seal bags and roll is definitely a good buy. So, make sure your machine has a bag attachment that allows you to enjoy whatever bag and roll sizes your vacuuming calls for.

Light and small

A light and small one that can be tucked away easily when not in use is a good choice among the best vacuum sealers. It’s also best to have one that has compartment underside for cords so that you don’t see dangling cords that can cause kitchen accidents.

Manual or automatic

A manual vacuum food sealer machine is good for homemakers who are just beginning to love and enjoy food sealing and vacuuming. The clamshell on manual sealers allows one to get slow in feeding bags in the slit. Some brands like cryovac has wider sealing area for lesser sealing failure. With less sealing failures, there’s fewer waste. If you’re using the manual and has been vacuuming for some time, buying an automatic vacuum sealer gives the “ommmphs” of owning a vacuum food sealer machine.

Wide mouth jar sealing attachment/accessory port

For some, jar sealing is an issue especially when your sealer has the regular mouth jar sealing attachment. Wide mouth attachment definitely reduces frustrations of jars sealing of dry foods. It should have an accessory port for holding the bottle stoppers and for marinating purpose.

Drip tray

The drip tray is to catch any liquid accidentally spilled while vacuuming. Some popular commercial vacuum sealers have patented drip tray and if your home-use sealer has it; it’s a real bonus.

If you’re into food vacuuming, you should own the perfect unit and the perfect one has these qualities to serve the best purpose of food vacuuming.

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