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There are too many food blogs all over the internet and most tend to focus on reviewing restaurants. This is the reason why this blog, a food and beverage in all sense likes to make a big difference. While many review a lot of the same places, this blog will do a lot on food hacks, trips on the market places, share gorgeous food photos, and in some ways do a lot of rebellious and silly things on food and beverages and everything about the two basics.

But, don’t get into thinking that this blog isn’t a serious one. While authors and contributors, whom are real chefs and food lovers aren’t the type who focus on reviewing same old dining places, but into more polished and professional writing about restaurants they simply categorized as “new arrivals” and the “faves”. They aren’t the kinds who easily fall on temptations of selling “soul” for some food.

Such have no place on any of our pages.

Chefs are definitely aren’t food critics but individuals that whip up delicious recipes to help people have better food choices, and this blog welcomes them with open heart to tell more about their recipes; the yummy and pretty easy to make and most of all, healthy and nutritious. Our pages will be full of articles written by them, and that readers are assured every post is but a pleasure and deliciously to read.

What about the food critics?

Of course, we have them, too. They will be sharing their sharp opinions on food and restaurants reviews but their warm and chatty writings will make the one reading feels as if she’s sitting next right her/him at his/her kitchen counter or a restaurant’s table nibbling a cookie or sipping that connoisseur wine she/he’s talking about.

The market experts are also with us in this blog. They will be helping us find everything we want, the ingredients for a recipe, the place to buy the best produce and where the best restaurants are. For these, they’ll be your next BFF or superhero. And of course, there will also be useful notes from them or the things we simply call food, health and market tips.

Moreover, to describe our pages more; there’s a page where readers will be learning something every after read; finding almost anything they want and with some huge hauls.

This blog is simply the home of well-traveled food and beverage enthusiast/critics who love buying, cooking, and eating good food. They’ve been fortunate to dine and eat in fabulous and terrific dining places in many parts of the world; have been in amazing market and food shops and stores around the globe and they’re here to share everything that had amazed, surprised, delighted, and even frustrated them. It is in our pages that they’ll describe foods simply as a personal passion.

Our blog is also an invitation for individuals who simply love food. For those who love cooking, eating and knowing more about food and beverages. The pages are all yours to explore!

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