Avoid these Worst Restaurant Dishes

Dining in restaurants can be a healthy alternative only when you know what to order, and here are some tips to help you avoid the worst restaurant dishes to make your restaurant experience as healthy and enjoyable.

The buffalo chicken salad

If you’re counting on or staying away from calories, buffalo chicken salad is among the worst meals. The meal has a fried meat with oily sauce and the cheese in it is loaded with calories, and the salad packs as much as 25% fats.

French toast and bacon

Unless you badly need tons of calories within the entire day, French toast and bacon aren’t an ideal choice. However, having it for brunch is a consolation. It has saturated fat and sodium and if you’re a great watcher, the pair isn’t for you.

Chicken Fajitas

The pack is often served with sour cream, refried beans and fried rice that makes it unhealthy and unless with grilled chicken, veggies and onions , and fresh salsa comes with the pack, the resto deserves some thumbs up.

Chinese take-outs

Skip the fried veggies but go instead for steamed dishes with veggies on the side. Brown rice on the menu is also a good choice.


The big thought here is opting for the veggies and going for the thin crusts. But, overall, pizza remains a calorie-rich dish.

Looking at the menu closely

Reading the menu closely helps you find clues that tell how fattening the meals can be. Remember, pan-fried, sautéed, .battered, breaded, creamy and deep-fried means meals are loaded with fats and extra calorie. So, if you’re watching or counting calorie, skip these meals. It is also better to ask waiters on the type of oil and dairy products used. Crispy meals are often fried in unhealthy oil so it is better to ask. It is also better to know how the meal is cooked. If it’s grilled, broiled, toasted, baked, poached and steamed, you’re sure it’s cooked the healthy way, so know how the meal is cooked.

Watch the sauce

Restaurants seem to give the impression of there’s plenty in the table so you find pasta swimming in sauce. Choose pasta meal with red clam sauce, marinara, marsala with wine and be sure pasta is well-covered instead of swimming.

Watch the drinks

Colors are attractive so is its sweet taste but don’t get fooled with colorful cocktails or drinks. It is better to ask for ingredients and go for shakes from fresh fruits or better go for fresh and organic fruit juices instead.

Blasting off desserts

Good meal is never without a dessert and the heaping serving matters a lot. Most restaurants allow diners to heaping servings in big bowls and tall dessert glasses but most are with hidden ingredients and sugar substitutes. Opt for small serving but with real and natural ingredients instead.

A good trip to restaurants always brings enjoyable eating experience and as long as you know how to spot a bad meal, and an expert on that matter, your restaurant tripping will always be as happy and as enjoyable.

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